Winter Reading Challenge

Your children will love reading this winter when they sign up for the Library's fairy tale themed Reading Challenge, Once Upon a Time.  The program challenges children and teens to track the amount they read in order to earn prizes and rewards. 

Signing up is easy at any of our locations through February 3, 2018. Children's online registration and Teen online registration is also available, but you will need to visit the Library for the reading log. 

Children's Challenge:  The Children's Reading Challenge is for all types of families -- those who read a little or a lot and those who visit the Library frequently or not very often.  At sign-up, your child will spin the wheel for a prize and receive the reading log for that week. There are 8 reading logs in this 8-week challenge, each featuring a different fairy tale character. Your child will need to turn in 4 of the logs to complete the Challenge and receive an entry into the prize drawing and a book to keep. Every time a child turns in a reading log, they are rewarded with a spin of the wheel (limited to once each week). If the maximum number of hours of reading for that week is accomplished, an extra entry into the basket drawing is awarded.  More reading and more visits equate to more wheel spins and more chances to win the baskets. 

This year's Children's gift baskets were made possible by generous donations from the following people:

Many thanks to these individuals who support reading in our communities!

Teen Reading Challenge: The Teen Reading Challenge challenges teens (grades 6 to 12) to read for fun. Books, fanfiction, magazines, and audiobooks all count towards the 4 hours of reading that is required to complete the Challenge. Those who complete will receive book to keep and an entry for either a basket of autographed books or a chance at a $50.00 gift card of their choice. Teens are encouraged to continue reading and completing additional reading logs, which will earn them additional entries into the prize drawings.