Comicopolis Artists & Vendors

Who's Coming? Artists, writers, comic and video game creators, fandom artisans, and vendors.

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Tables are $35.00 each inside and 2 for $35.00 outside.


Marc Andreyko

Dan Brereton

Gene Ha

Unca Raffy

Brian Babendenderede

Justin Castaneda

Mystery Unicorporated

Ashley Prosken

Jewell Walton

Ryan Francis

David Knight

Tom Bacon

Steph Stanga

Eddie Yeung

Northside Comics

Eric Wolfgang

Bead Streetz

Bret Juliano

J. E. Mueller

Kevin Bixby

Angel Blake

Courtney Cusack

Owl Post Greetings

Marisol Del Valle

Jamie Primack

Rachel Schwass

Andrew Taam

More Artists & Vendors to be announced in the coming weeks!