Make a Donation

If you wish to donate to the library you have two main options; a cash donation or a donation of materials.

Cash Donations:
If you have questions about making a cash donation, please contact the Director.

Monetary donations to the library district are always welcome. Keep in mind that we are a unit of local government, and thus we are not recognized as a typical “not-for-profit” agency by the State of Illinois or the United States Internal Revenue Service. In other words, the library does not have 501(c)3 status. If you wish to make a targeted donation, you may designate the donation as a sponsorship of one of our many programs or events (such as our annual Summer Reading Program). You may also make a more generalized donation to the library and let us use the funds where we need them most.

Aside from direct donations to the library district, you may also make a donation to the Friends of the Library organization. That organization does have non-profit status in the State of Illinois so there could be tax benefits involved with such a donation (check with your accountant or the Illinois Department of Revenue).

Donate Books, DVDs, Music CDs, etc.
We are always looking for donations of high quality materials. If we can use them in the library’s collections we will, otherwise the Friends of the Library will use them in one of their book sales. In certain circumstances you may even gain a tax benefit from this type of donation (again check with your accountant or whoever prepares your tax return).

Some examples of donations we would like to have include:

Some examples of materials we cannot accept include:

For more information about donating materials to the library, please contact the Director.